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Ace Tuition Centre


About Us

Ace Tuition has been offering tuition programmes and personal tuition in North East Essex for over 10 years. We are part of the Association of Professional Tuition Centres which link with over 35 other centres across the UK and sets down standards for independent tuition centres.

Catering for everyone from reception to year 11, the Centres’ tutoring programs offer advanced learning strategies and specialist learning skills for those needing a little extra help and motivation to succeed. Learning is always at the students’ own pace and fun is an essential part of our formula.

Students attend for lessons lasting for either an hour or 80 minutes. Lessons are structured around the results from the assessment. Students are given an individual learning plan in English and Maths with between 4 and 6 planned activities per session.


Our Teachers

Iain Mckenzie, a fully qualified teacher, is the centre director of Clacton and Colchester. he completed his training at the University of Wales gaining a degree in Business studies followed by a PGCE in Secondary Education.

Lorraine Mckenzie, a fully qualified teacher,  is the centre director of Mason Road Clacton and Colchester. she completed her training at Caerioen University of Wales. 
Both have been Heads of Subjects and have a wealth of classroom experience.

  • We cater for help in any of these areas:
  • Preparation for SATS
  • Students preparing for entrance exams
  • English and Maths at the different Key Stages
  • Students studying for GCSE’s
  • Get ready for school
  • English as a second language
  • Science Tuition